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In remembrance of a family that reminds us that in the midst of adversity and injustice, the solution is embracing difference and building community.


In collaboration with Pratt Community School, Pratt Parent-Teacher Organization, and the Prospect Park Neighborhood

Fundraising for the Jackson Family Playground


Jackson Family Memorial Committee 

Comprised of Pratt Parent-Teacher Organization members and Pratt Community School, Prospect Park Association members, and individuals from Prospect Park Neighborhood.

The aim of this group is to:

- Raise funds to maintain and promote the Jackson Family memorial playground including associated curriculum and community education initiatives;

- See these components as one total project benefitting Pratt School, the Prospect Park Neighborhood, and the wider community;

-Raise and disburse funds as needed to see the project through to completion; and

- Oversee the development of ongoing talks, arts, discovery activities, and other forms of learning and education that will be part of the Memorial's ongoing activities.

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"A community that is engaged and working together can be a powerful force"

Idowu Koyenikan


Jackson Family & Prospect Park/Pratt Community School


In 1908, Madison and Amy Woods Jackson moved into the Prospect Park neighborhood with their three young daughters, Marvel, Helen, and Zelma. The Jackson's were the first African American family to move into the all-white neighborhood. At this time, only 2,700 Black people lived in Minneapolis.

Their daughters were the first African American children to attend Pratt Community School.

Soon after they moved in, the Jackson family was subject to discrimination, harassment, and daily threats trying to get them to leave the neighborhood. One such threat came during a demonstration in which Madison Jackson was told that his children would not have anybody to play with. As a concerned father, he considered this and decided to build a playground in their backyard that was open to all of the children in the neighborhood. And the children did come and play, with smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts.


The Jackson's lived in Prospect Park for 20 years, until the time of the father’s death.

This project is intended to serve the students of Pratt Community School and within the Prospect Park neighborhood by providing a safe, engaging, and innovative play space in addition to, educational opportunities to learn about the rich racial history of the community.

Remember, Learn, & Connect

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Helen Jackson


Marvel Jackson

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Fundraising Goal

What does this cover?

- Design and conceptualization of a new Pratt Community School playground and Jackson Family memorial element integration

- Materials/resources to see the project to completion

- Innovative community engagement endeavors and community education curriculum development

 Committed to Community Engagement through:





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